6 giugno 2016

Ποιητική Βραδιά στο Καφενείο Έντεκα

The Italian Embassy and the Cultural Centre of the University of Cyprus invite you to a night of poetry on Wednesday 8 June, at 9 pm at Kafenio 11 (corner Soutsou Str. and Pireos Str., behind the Hammam). In the evocative atmosphere of a traditional Old Nicosia café, poetess Antonella Anedda-Anjoy will read some of her own poems and will interact with the audience. The event will be introduced by Prof. Paola Minucci, professor of Greek language and literature at the University of Rome La Sapienza, and complemented by readings of poetries in Greek by THEPAK (University of Cyprus Theatrical Workshop). To conclude the evening, a recital by Eleonora Aleotti (flute) and Jacopo Mosesso (cello).